Wearable Camcorder

Wearable Camcorder with Enterprise Management Portal

Organisations can now take advantage of a wearable camcorder to record, monitor, share information in one of three ways:


Firstly – with a wearable camcorder – hands free, accessorised to support an individual’s needs and requirements.

Secondly – within the camcorder users can capture lost moments by re-recording the last 30 seconds back onto the device. So if something happened, someone said something, press a simple button on the device and what would normally have been lost will be saved and shared.

Third – live streaming. Enabling users to share in real time what they are experiencing and viewers could be scattered across the globe. So for example if a user is in Paris and wants to share instantly via a mobile handset to users in Sydney, New York or Beijing…well now they can.

We can take this one step further and provide a simple easy to use management interface, so that clips can be uploaded, stored, organised and shared.

Key Features

• Instant clip creation with a single button press

• Automatic sharing to Facebook, iCloud, Twitter, YouTube, or email

• Looping video buffer for continuously recording everything you see

• Real-time personal-casting for sharing a live video stream

• Lightweight design: only 22g (< 1 oz.)

• Adjustable design for optimizing fit and comfort

• Up to 5 hours of video storage

• Clips saved in iTunes-compatible format (mp4)

• Dual functionality as Bluetooth headset

• Eco-friendly bamboo packaging that’s sustainable and renewable

Please contact us for further details and how this can transform your organisation

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