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Urban Mobility Solutions

Velocity is pushing the barriers for smart sustainable travel and transportation with innovative smart new urban transportation technology with Thee wheeled personal electric vehicles that can be folded and carried anywhere by the user.

We want to push the barriers in the transportation market with an electric vehicle for modern society. The technology is a joint collaboration and we are bringing EMUZ-e to many users to benefit greatly from this amazing means of getting from A to B on a single charge smart scooter in any urban environment without being concerned about finding a parking space, fuel costs, congestion charging or traffic density.Certain models can be folded in 5 seconds and can be carried anywhere like a trolley suitcase & can be suitable for public transport, car, office etc.Our mission is to transform the way people commute in and around the city by creating the most advanced, green and effective solutions in the market. Our solution is all about simplicity.We see significant B2B usage, for example, airport employees between gates or anyone who may be required to walk huge distances during their working hours. We see take up with distribution fulfilment centre staff, production line workers, campus sites, theme parks and leisure locations, for safety/security and community wardens, and those with mobility needs without being ‘categorised’ wanting to maintain their independence.


  • Unique and simple folding structure
  • Light and compact with the use of high-end materials and structure design
  • Smartphone integration
  • Rental service stations concept available
  • 3-wheel configuration
  • Personalization and a range of accessories