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Thought Leadership

Our professionals are typically industry veterans, they have been there, have the stories, but have also learned from the challenges, mistakes and equally the successes.

We have also seen the pretenders, those who are out of their depths and prefer to talk rather than do. We as an organisation do not entertain this. We prefer to keep below the radar, work hard, achieve success and deliver.

Those who spend too long on platforms talking about how good, big, amazing etc. their career probably has an ego so big that it wouldn’t fit into what you as an organisation want to achieve.

Our areas of expertise include:

Transportation and Future City Modelling Artificial intelligence
Predictive Analytics Activity based Modelling & Simulation Life Sciences – Healthcare & Hospitals of the Future Sustainability & Energy Efficiencies Internet of Things including ‘Industrial IOT’ Sensory Technologies and Smart Controls

Body Worn Technology

Intelligent Buildings Enterprises & Market Strategy

Government and NGO’s

Fatigue and Structural Health

Smart & Predictive Maintenance Start-ups, Scale, Funding, Partnering, ChannelsNew Market Penetration