Data Techniques

 Data Techniques has been at the forefront of network infrastructure design, installation and support services since 1988. Through constant innovation their comprehensive service offering is continually evolving to ensure they add value to their growing client base. Their professional and flexible approach to business delivery has established Data Techniques as the physical network infrastructure integrator of choice to some of the world’s leading organisations across a wide range of market sectors includes Transport, Telecoms, Government, IT, Finance, Retail and Healthcare. Numerous iso accreditations and with a workforce of over 300 industry professionals they install into a range of environments including, Railways, Warehousing, Offices, Data Centres and Factories, providing a consistently high quality of service, delivering tailored solutions to their client’s needs.

Life Sciences Healthcare

The Lifesciences-Healthcare Ltd Team is supported by its specialist partners.New innovation and accelerated growth require “out of the box” and disruptive methodology delivered by tested models. We work hard to work with some of the best companies and teams to deliver affordable and scalable solutions to our clients in the Life Sciences and Medical Technology Industry.Our success is celebrated with our Strategic Partners who have serviced all the technology industries and most of whom have worked with SMEs, Corporates, Public and Government organisations in the BRIC, EMEA, EUROPEAN, AMERCAN economies.


 Bertek with Velocity are bringing to multiple technology sectors across EMEA affordable on-demand augmented reality tailored to the needs of growing organisations. Velocity and bertek are utilising AR for smart buildings, enabling greater insight into the function of a building, helping engineers discover the intricate works behind management systems. The augmented reality is also being utilised for ‘later living’ supporting those with specific needs to remember and work appliances and equipment helping them to maintain dignity and independence. Together we are exploring new sectors including education, network management for unmanned Ariel vehicles ‘drones’ to be guided around a virtual city and using AR in destination management.

Bertek SAS is specialize in mobile and tablet App architecture and development. They design any kind of applications taking in consideration all the benefits of the mobile or tablet hardware and specifications. Bertek SAS, in addition to its experience in app development, is also specialized in Augmented Reality for mobile and tablet Apps. By definition, « Augmented Reality is a live, direct or indirect, view of physical, real-world environment, whose elements are augmented by computer generated sensory input as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to a more general concept called medicated reality, in which a computer modifies a view of reality. The technology enhances one’s current perception of reality. Virtual reality replaces the world with a simulated and designed one according to your needs.