Where Sales & Marketing Meet…

Both sales and marketing are tied to each other. There are many organisations who view both independently and we believe the two are linked together, however, we go further and add communications along with being ‘realistic’ looking at the return on investment each stage

With this in mind, we will bring our skilled professionals to you, we will understand what you want to achieve, how it is to be planned what works and what you may have wasted money on.

When we implement a sales, marketing and communications campaign for a client we take into account the channels to market, the end user perception, what it means for all stakeholders, localisation, regulation and compliance along with cultural acceptance.

Having multinationals amongst our team we know precisely how technology should be applied, what works and what doesn’t along with the routes, and procedures to ensure success.

As a huge differentiator our RDT-EXPO business is proving invaluable to specialists wanting to interact in a non-sales or overtly flashy marketing environment which we believe can put early adopters off. We invite you to speak with one of our specialists to understand how we can make the difference

Business and Market Development and Leadership

We work in tandem with our partners to co-develop strategies to grow in global markets. Our team includes highly networked professional technical and business leaders from many backgrounds and regions.

We discover the real market needs and requirements are. We listen to Governmental challenges and industry needs. These are interpreted effectively and efficiently to deliver a working plan to grow and develop and sometimes break new frontiers in global markets.

This is a hands-on approach, we do not consult for the sake of consulting, we typically input a significant amount of time, resources, effort, knowledge, and where required bring IP to develop the product or solution collaboratively.