Intelligent Lighting

Wireless Intelligent Lighting Sensors and Building Management System


Light is money. Facility personnel, more than ever, are confronted with these looming questions. Light is money. Light comes from carbon-producing power plants. Excess light is wasted energy, money and carbon. As companies look to reduce operating expenses and provide sustainability leadership, effective lighting controls offer the means to make a significant impact.

Transform your building. We meet this challenge with a cost-effective solution that can save as much as 70% of facility lighting costs. At the heart of the solution is the ‘Thinking Sensor’ that accurately measures building conditions and optimizes the lights based on these conditions.

If the space is modified, the sensor behaviour changes to reflect the new environment. Never before has it been easier to optimize the environment to meet users’ requirements and create a highly productive world-class facility.

The system delivers bankable savings in the range of 50 to 70%. Exceeding all previous lighting controls because the system is distributed down to the individual fixture.

The Installation process is simplified because the connection between sensor and fixture enables the system to auto-commission itself for each unique environment into which it is installed. On average per control installation is between 15-20 minutes and carried out without major disruption to a working environment.

The system has network backhaul enabling facility managers the performance of the system and ability to validate energy saving claims.

Remote management of the estate enabling evacuation monitoring, security checking, historical record capture for occupancy and movement.

Providing for sustainability officers the ability to deliver results against increasing carbon obligations.

The system deploys an addressable sensor and controller at every fixture in the building. The sensors collect real-time occupancy, ambient light, and temperature information and autonomously control fixture behaviour based on those readings. This combination gives the system perfect sense about the operation of every square foot of the building and perfect control of every light that lights it.

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