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We at Velocity want to make engaging with clients enjoyable, entertaining, rewarding and different. We also have looked at how messages are delivered to customers and we’ve answered some of our innovative forward thinking client’s needs by producing creative, bespoke business games.

Why? To be different, to provoke interaction, engagement, to differentiate and to articulate messages that an organisation wants to deliver.

We build and market our own games…. We keep this away from our corporate work, we have an exceptionally talented and gifted creative team… because if they can capture an individual’s imagination to play a web browser game for hours… we can do the same for your organisation to win and attract customers and clients to engage with you.

Apart from creating our own games we create games on demand for our clients with solutions in field of browser and social games for networks such as Facebook.

Our team has an extensive experience in the field of web development, especially games. Members of our team have previously worked on many Facebook’s shiny star titles, each of them with multimillion players on a daily basis.

We have also worked on high security banking systems and very large scale web applications such as social and business networks, eCommerce related, web shops and online payments. We now utilize our experience to help our clients see their ideas come to light in a way they never imagined they could.

We provide full cycle support to our customers in the project, going through the following steps:

• Game design and refinement of initial idea

• Assistance in further development of gameplay and balance

• Design and illustration

• Frontend and backend software development

• Quality Assurance

• Promotion on major portals after official launch.


We look forward to sharing our ideas, enthusiasm with your teams creative ideas and innovations to make something really special without breaking the bank.



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