Who we are and what we do:

  • We are an established UK based leading IT Innovation Company delivering change and disrupting existing models
  • Our technologies are proven to deliver significant measurable benefits and savings across numerous markets globally
  • Our philosophy is simple. We blend our ground breaking technologies with client requirements and expedite from ‘proof of concept’ through to full scale deployments
  • We deliver effective and highly scalable world class enterprise solutions

Why clients select us:

  • We have a significant portfolio of new and innovative leading technologies and solutions for multiple markets
  • Our expertise has been gained over many years of experience in leading enterprise level programmes
  • We deliver our solutions with a strong focus on the business and market value ensuring a significant return on investment is achieved
  • Our expertise spans multiple industries, sectors and regions
  • We understand an organisation’s needs and deliver solutions accordingly, exceeding expectations

Our Business Lines

Intelligent Things IOT Sensory Technology Solutions & Analytics. We have a patented Wireless RFID-IoT Smart Predictive Intelligent Maintenance Sensor. This is a distributed sensor network for structural fatigue and health monitoring for multiple environments including, rail infrastructure, bridges and the built environment, shipping, defence, aviation and facilities management.

Our analytical business has a team of leading Data Scientists working across markets. For example we use predictive sensors data, blend with complimentary IoT sensor data and we are able to accurately forecast for our clients helping them manage, understand and enhance their organisation

RDT-Expo – Is our leading Conference, Symposium & Events Organisation. We are an ‘Open Innovation’ Company & we believe in sharing across Enterprises, Industries, Governments, Academia ideas and experiences that will benefit us all.

Our Conferences, Round Tables, Dinners, Leadership Summits & Events are well defined, well planned, enabling significant networking opportunities. All are highly successful, breaking down language and cultural barriers ensuring that each event exceeds expectations

Haauuss Our award winning concept was born from understanding how under utilized vast estate buildings were. Combined with the pressures on housing especially affordability our team came up with the idea of a smart connected IoT ready building within a building.

The concept gaining in its popularity helps plug some of the gaps faced across society today. Using the latest technologies and processes Haauuss is the ideal affordable home to meet the needs for key workers

Bertek is our sister company a Digital Agency & System Integration organisation. Delivering and scaling from concept to completion Enterprise Ready Solutions, Bespoke CRM Solutions, Design, Data Management, integration & Custom Mobile Applications

FatigueVision is a new start up, but the leaders have combined over 60 years expertise in the tech sector, and 12 years in IOT alone. They are in sensors, whose mission is to revolutionise the structural health sector by creating easy to deploy sensors fixed to assets to monitor the health of them.

  • We deliver Innovative & disruptive technologies

  • We target the challenges providing answers by a highly skilled team

  • Our reach is global

  • Technology delivers significant benefits to all stakeholders

  • Continuous research & development

  • A globally focused team having unrivalled skills and expertise

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