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Our smart city consultants can provide expertise and guidance to local governments, businesses, and other organizations on how to develop and implement smart city strategies. Here are some of the specific services that our smart city consultants offer:
we can work with a city or organization to develop a comprehensive strategy for implementing smart city technologies and initiatives. This can include identifying key areas of focus, setting goals, and developing a roadmap for implementation.

we can assess the suitability of different technologies for specific smart city applications, such as sensors, data analytics, and communication networks.

Our consultants can provide project management services to ensure that smart city initiatives are implemented on time and within budget. This can include coordinating with multiple stakeholders, managing resources, and monitoring progress.
We can help cities and organizations engage with the public to build support for smart city initiatives. This can involve developing public education campaigns, conducting public meetings, and engaging with local stakeholders.
We can provide guidance on policy and governance issues related to smart city initiatives, such as data privacy, cybersecurity, and ethical considerations.
Our consultants can help cities and organizations identify sources of funding for smart city initiatives, such as grants, public-private partnerships, and other financing mechanisms.
Overall, our smart city consulting teams can provide valuable expertise and guidance to help cities and organizations plan and implement smart city initiatives, with the goal of improving quality of life, enhancing sustainability, and fostering economic growth.-


Our Business Lines

Intelligent Things IOT Sensory Technology Solutions & Analytics. We have a patented Wireless RFID-IoT Smart Predictive Intelligent Maintenance Sensor. This is a distributed sensor network for structural fatigue and health monitoring for multiple environments including, rail infrastructure, bridges and the built environment, shipping, defence, aviation and facilities management.

Our analytical business has a team of leading Data Scientists working across markets. For example we use predictive sensors data, blend with complimentary IoT sensor data and we are able to accurately forecast for our clients helping them manage, understand and enhance their organisation

RDT-Expo – Is our leading Conference, Symposium & Events Organisation. We are an ‘Open Innovation’ Company & we believe in sharing across Enterprises, Industries, Governments, Academia ideas and experiences that will benefit us all.

Our Conferences, Round Tables, Dinners, Leadership Summits & Events are well defined, well planned, enabling significant networking opportunities. All are highly successful, breaking down language and cultural barriers ensuring that each event exceeds expectations

Bertek is our sister company a Digital Agency & System Integration organisation. Delivering and scaling from concept to completion Enterprise Ready Solutions, Bespoke CRM Solutions, Design, Data Management, integration & Custom Mobile Applications

FatigueVision is a new start up, but the leaders have combined over 60 years expertise in the tech sector, and 12 years in IOT alone. They are in sensors, whose mission is to revolutionise the structural health sector by creating easy to deploy sensors fixed to assets to monitor the health of them.


Who we are & what we can do

  • We are an established UK based leading IT Innovation Company delivering change and disrupting existing models
  • Our technologies are proven to deliver significant measurable benefits and savings across numerous markets globally
  • Our philosophy is simple. We blend our ground breaking technologies with client requirements and expedite from ‘proof of concept’ through to full scale deployments

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Why clients select us

Why Us?

  • We have a significant portfolio of new and innovative leading technologies and solutions for multiple markets
  • Our expertise has been gained over many years of experience in leading enterprise level programmes
  • We deliver our solutions with a strong focus on the business and market value ensuring a significant return on investment is achieved
  • Our expertise spans multiple industries, sectors and regions
  • We understand an organisation’s needs and deliver solutions accordingly, exceeding expectations

Some Solutions we provide


IOT Enabled Modular Houses

IOT Enabled Modular Houses

Modular houses of latest generation

Urban Mobility Solutions

Urban Mobility Solutions

Mobility solutions of all kinds

Intelligent Ceilings

Intelligent Ceilings

Ceilings which has a mind

People and Threshold Counting

People and Threshold Counting

Know more about your people

Business & Market Development

Business & Market Development

We take care of business & marketing

Smart Citizens & Smart Cities

Smart Citizens & Smart Cities

All about smart citizens, buildings & houses


We are an IOT technology solution business. We have highly skilled well networked Business & Technical leaders focused across three key areas: People, The Built Environment & Smarter Cities. By working across & linking through various decision based technologies we can achieve greater understanding & insight, then predict how these areas can be linked & work together.We augment our overall solution by bringing to the market new & complimentary innovative technologies. Meaning that each project will benefit from the latest innovations enabling our clients to see their investment wisely implemented.We don’t stop there. In order to scale & maximise an investment by forming an ‘eco-system’ & take the new solution to global markets & replicate either directly through our teams or through our local market partners.


We provide a series of sensors deployed across the agreed spaces, for example, a retail shop floor. The sensors feed data into a ‘Hub’ then communicated via 4G or 5G securely to a Cloud environment and custom APIs enable local users to have data/dashboards on their environment giving threshold numbers, real-time counting etc. and its anonymous.